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Memorandum to the President: Free Trade Game Changer

This memorandum was originally prepared by The Brookings Institution.

Pursuing and signing free trade agreements (FTAs) with both the Asia-Pacific region and Europe during your second administration will yield considerable economic and political benefits. World trade is expected to have stalled at a mere 2.5 percent growth in 2012, down from 13.8 percent in 2010. Protectionism is on the rise everywhere, especially in the form of non-tariff barriers. The Doha Round is essentially dead.

Policy Priorities for International Trade and Jobs

This report was originally prepared by the International Collaborative Initiative on Trade and Employment (ICITE).

How does trade affect jobs? ICITE brings together ten international organisations with the aim of improving understanding of the interaction of trade and the labour market, promoting dialogue among stakeholders, and developing policy relevant conclusions. Launched in 2010, the first wave of work under ICITE is nearing completion.

Global Value Chains and the Continuing Case for Free Trade

This report was originally prepared by the American Enterprise Institute.

Over the past several decades, a new trade paradigm has arisen, one that deemphasizes domestic, vertically integrated firms competing in end products with similarly integrated firms from other nations.  Instead, from automobiles to electronics, chemicals, and clothing, the production process has dispersed. 

How Can Trade Policy Help America Compete?

This report was originally prepared by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

America deserves credit for not having succumbed to the global financial crisis by repeating the protectionist mistakes of the 1930s. Nonetheless, since 2007, although lip service has been paid to boosting US exports, its trade policy accomplishments have been modest. This is unfortunate because active trade policies can promote American living standards and facilitate America's return to full employment and sustained growth.

Trade Freedom: How Imports Support U.S. Jobs

This report was originally prepared by The Heritage Foundation.

It is a common misperception that importing goods to America comes at the cost of American jobs. In fact, imports contribute to job creation on a large scale. The increased economic activity associated with every stage of the import process helps support millions of jobs in the U.S. This Heritage Foundation analysis shows that over half a million American jobs are supported by imports of clothes and toys from China alone. These jobs are in fields such as transportation, wholesale, retail, construction, and finance.