Trade Benefits America

Trade Benefits America

Trade agreements are good for the U.S. economy.

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Trade is Good for America: U.S. Presidents Weigh In

U.S. presidents have long recognized that international trade is critical to American economic growth and job creation. And when it comes to the occupant of the White House, party differences matter little … ..More

What They're Saying On International Trade & The TPP

For those covering the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, below you'll find voices in support of the benefits of international trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), highlighting how the agreement bolsters the economic and global lead... ..More

Free Trade Agreements Help the U.S. Economy Grow

From Alabama to Wyoming, all 50 states benefit from U.S. free trade agreements (FTAs) with our FTA partner countries around the world. ..More

Exports Drive U.S. Economic Growth

U.S. free trade agreements create tremendous opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, service providers and farmers to sell more American-made goods and services around the world.   Exports generate U.S. economic growth by … ..More

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